Summer in a Really Hot Greenhouse


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This is the first summer we’ve left plants in the greenhouse. Installing a fogger with three nozzles has made the inside more tolerable for some plants, especially tropicals.

Eggplants like hot weather.
Cool nights around 65-70 degrees are necessary
to set tomato fruit.
Staghorn fern. Bottom left are amaryllis from seeds.
Bromeliads are outside in shade for the summer.
This rose is a cutting stuck back in the spring. What fun to bring in a bloom!
As I am typing this post, the outside temperature is 95 degrees F with humidity of 16%. In the greenhouse it’s 93F with humidity of 43%.
I start the fogger mornings when the humidity falls to about 40%. I turn it off when the sun gets so low in the west that the greenhouse is in shade.
We run the exhaust fan from early morning until well after dark when the plant leaves have dried.
Plants are placed where they are under the mist, mostly on the floor so that heat rises above them.
On a cloudy day, I turn the fogger on and off according to what seems reasonable.
I look forward to seeing how long we can grow eggplants, tomatoes and peppers when cold weather comes. At some point midwinter, it will not be reasonable to try to keep nighttime temperatures higher than required to keep certain ornamental plants alive. I think that having a way to better regulate humidity will make a difference in winter. Sunny winter days can get pretty hot and dry inside the greenhouse.

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